ComfortTour Canada

A small bus travel agency wanted to improve the overall brand image as well as re-design and develop the website and the database. The website design was done by a previous designer, but any additional elements and changes were created by myself. A comprehensive brand look was created and carried out throught out all the brochures, promotions, newspaper and online ads.

Original Logo
Revised Logo
Catalog and Brochures
Catalog of Tours Booklet 2014
Tour Brochures USA
Tour Brochures for Europe and Canada
Digital Billboard Ads
Toronto Star Print ad
Metro Print Ad - Regular Feature
Metro Print Ad - Special Feature
Online Digital Ads
Google and Toronto Star Online
Social Media
Facebook Contest
The website design was originally created by a previous designer; my job was to carry out the original design. Elements were added afterwards and modified according to the need of the client.
Booking Step 1
Traveler Information
Booking Step 2
Payment Information
Booking Step 3
Confirmation page, with the next steps that the traveler needs to know.
Newsletter Signup page
Error Page
Invoice Design
For regular tours
For tours with flight
Mobile Website
Email Blast Promotions
Itinerary Booklets
Presented to tours with flights, it has a full itinerary, ideas as to what is around the hotel, and emergency numbers.
London Paris booklet are presented at the airport with the traveler aiplaine ticket.
2013 version before the branding colors were established
2014 Version
East Coast full itinerary booklet layout
Gift Certificate
Designer to look like a bus ticket
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