Mindspark Thesis project to brand a brain training company. The idea behind the logo is to be a representation of the combination of the words “mind” and “spark” the idea is to show what happens with your mental facilities when you exercise them. Since this brand is based on the concept of keeping your brain active the poster and tabloid are designer to be interactive. There are three directions in the representation of this information as a play on words, all this is meant to draw in the person to read. The colors are all taken from the logo, and the words are highlighted in gradient. All that is associated with the brand is made to be interactive, i.e. the brochure, the bookmarks (that are scented), the Rubik’s cube, the tote bags, the website.

In conjunction with everything else that this brand represent, the brochure is meant to be a puzzle to be figured out so the information on it can be read. It is also something that will be remembered for its unique structure.
Promotional Material | Tote Bags
Promotional Material | Bookmarks
There are two types of bookmarks here, one is combined with a magnifying glass for those occasions when one may forget their glasses. The other bookmark have useful tips as well as an added scent which make this a break from routine and a Neurobic exercise. This is a good promotional item because it will be kept by the users for a long time based on its usefulness. Therefore Mindspark will always be on someones mind.
Promotional Material | Sensory box
This idea came from Neurobics which “is a unique system of brain exercises using your five physical senses and your emotional sense in unexpected ways that encourage you to shake up your everyday routines. They are designed to help your brain manufacture its own nutrients that strengthen, preserve, and
grow brain cells” created by Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D.
     Sensory box is for promotional use as well as to be available online. Basically the bottle can be kept open next to your bed and awakening to a beautiful aroma gives an individual a good start to a new day. It can also be used to help you remember by taking a whiff when you are trying to remember phone numbers.Puzzles
Promotional Material | Puzzles
The Rubik’s cube and the puzzle are meant to be used as promotional items as well as available online to be purchased.
The website is easy to use and navigate, everyday there is a new page added for the facts page and the images are interactive. There are specific games which target specific part of the brain to give you the best possible workout. You are required to sign up only to keep clients information on their progress and winning streaks to compare who is training the hardest. Scientific discoveries in understanding the brain would also be posted. Having fun is the key otherwise it becomes a boring activitie and you start loosing brain cells, so its use it or lose it.
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